Contradictions In the Bible?

Do Genesis chapters 1 and 2 conflict? When scoffers claim that the Bible is full of contradictions, they almost always cite Genesis 1 and 2 as examples.

  1. Genesis 1:11 has the trees made on day three before man; Genesis 2:9 has the trees made on day six after man.

  2. Genesis 1:20 has birds made out of the water on day five; Genesis 2:19 has birds made out of the ground (after man) on day six.

  3. Genesis 1:24, 25 has the animals made on day 6 before man; Genesis 2:19 has the animals made on day six after man.

A careful reading of the two chapters will show the solution for each of the supposed contradictions.

Explanation of supposed contradiction 1:

A. Chapter 1 tells the entire story in the order it happened.

B. Genesis 2:4-6 gives a quick summary of the first five days of creation.

C. Genesis 2:7-25 is describing only the events that took place on day six in the Garden of Eden

D. The trees described in Genesis 2:9 are only in the Garden of Eden; the rest of the world is already full of trees from day three. The purpose of this second creation of trees may have been to let Adam see that God did have power to create, that He was not just taking credit for the existing world. Notice that the second creation of trees was still an day six and was only those trees that are "pleasant to the sight and good for food. "

Explanation of supposed contradiction 2:

The birds created out of the ground on day six are only one of each "kind" so that Adam can name them and select a wife. The rest of the world is full of birds from day five.

Explanation of supposed contradiction 3:

Genesis 2:19 is describing only the animals created in the Garden, after man. The purpose of this second batch of animals being created was so that Adam could name them (Genesis 2:19) and select a wife (Genesis 2:20). Since Adam could not find a suitable mate (God knew he wouldn't), He made Eve (Genesis 2:21-22).

There are no contradictions between these two chapters. Chapter 2 only describes in more detail the events in the Garden of Eden on day six. If ancient man had written the Bible (as some scoffers say), he would never have made it say that the light was made before the sun! Many ancient cultures worshiped the sun as the source of life. God is light. God made the light before He made the sun so we could see that He (not the sun) is the source of fife.

Dr. Kent Hovind