A Question of Faith


I met you years ago. I'm 21, attending a Nazarene university, am at home in the Messianic Jewish community, and believe that Yeshua Jesus is the Messiah, Son of God, and Savior. But I've been struggling...is God fact or fiction...? I was taught Liberalism in public high school and that contributed a lot to these doubts. I had a good breakthrough with God last Wednesday, felt Him move in me and comfort me, but the feeling didn't last very long, though I know it was real. My mother retold to me her testimony of being saved out of the hippie movement...and seeing the Shekinah glory. That gave me peace...yes, God is real after all. I just wish I could see such a manifestation...as my dad and so many others have. Then I thought: "Just because God is real, does that make Him right?" The devil and demons are real but wrong...so how can we be sure God is right? I want more than anything to prove these doubts wrong and regain my confidence, once so strong, and I know you are the right person to ask.

I need God so badly...I want nothing else but Him for the rest of my life-but I have all these worries and doubts....I've prayed and prayed and thought doubts were conquered but I guess not. Do you know what to do?


Many young people in evangelical homes and churches have similar doubts but hide them. First of all, don't look to feelings-they fade or change, as you know. Experience is no better. All Israel experienced going through the Red Sea, the Shekinah glory day after day, daily manna, water out of the rock, audibly heard God declare the Ten Commandments from Mt. Sinai, promised to obey, yet rebelled.

"We walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Cor 5:7). Does that mean without proof_? No, otherwise the Mormon, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, etc., could "walk by faith." No matter how ridiculous the belief, "believers" could say "I have faith." We could not reason with a JW, atheist, or even a Satanist who also has "faith."

Feelings? Mormons have a "burning in the bosom." Experiences? I've met people all over the world who've had the most amazing and seemingly miraculous experiences possible, but many were into the occult.

For true faith, God has provided three powerful witnesses: creation, conscience, and the Bible. The sun has not been in the sky forever or it would have burned out by now. The same is true of all the other stars in the universe. So there was a time when the universe did not exist. Nothing existed because things (matter) wear out. Nor do we get something out of nothing. There is only one sensible possibility: someOne, without beginning or end and with the power to create all from nothing, has always existed. This fact is beyond our comprehension; but we are driven to it by all we know. There is no other alternative! No atheist or liberal, no inner doubts, can change these facts.

Everything is made of energy, but energy, being a thing itself is not eternal but part of the material universe subject to the law of entropy and thus had a beginning. Nor could energy plan, design, and create the incredibly complex and intricately related parts of even a single cell, much less place on every cell in written language the DNA instruction manual that every cell (plant, animal, or human) must follow and without which there is no life. No physical life exists without written words! Words convey information, and that can only come from an intelligence. The information on DNA requires an infinite Intelligence! The Law of Biogenesis says, "Life only comes from life," as Pasteur proved. The so-called Big Bang (which didn't happen) would have sterilized everything a trillion times over. No life could have come out of that ball of fire!

So our Creator, who always existed, must have been the source of all life. As I said, no atheist or liberal can change these facts. There are no sound arguments against the above. The very first verse in the Bible presents what all mankind is driven to, no matter how reluctantly: "In the beginning, God created...." There exists an eternal Being who is our Creator. The first verses in John declare that Jesus Christ is the Creator and that "in him was life" (Jn 1:4), and He is called THE WORD OF GOD. On this basis alone, we would believe the rest of the Bible; but there is more: conscience.

Why are you worrying about whether God is right or wrong, good or evil? Because all humans made in God's image innately have these concepts. Morals and ethics didn't come from energy, which knows nothing of right or wrong, nor from a Big Bang or from the molecules in your brain.

Again the Bible explains: "the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts ...accusing or else excusing one another" (Rom 2:15). Mankind lives for self in violation of conscience, like a cancer cell no longer following the DNA. Jesus said: "Ye must be born again." Peter explains, "Being born again...by the word of God...which by the gospel is preached unto you" (1 Pt 1:23-25). Unless the rebel believes the gospel and is reborn into harmony with the Word of God, he remains a cancer that must be cut out of God's universe.

Finally, prophecy is the supreme way God proves His existence and the infallibility of His Word. Hundreds of prophecies foretell the entire history of Israel, many already fulfilled, the rest in process of fulfilment. No one can deny this! As for Christ, there are scores of specific prophecies foretelling His coming that prove His identity that no one can refute.

Put your faith in the One who has revealed Himself in creation, conscience, and His infallible Word, especially through prophecy, and no doubts can come.

- September 2007 Q&A
- The Berean Call