Too Hard for GOD

Our problems usually stem from our limited concepts of GOD. Because we often think of GOD in terms of ourselves, we think in what are called anthropomorphic concepts of GOD. The projection of a man to immensity. Because I'm prone to think of GOD in terms of myself, my concept of GOD is limited and it is not a right concept of GOD. And thus, it is reflected even in my attitude of prayer and how I pray for certain things.

There are some things I have no problem praying for. "You have a headache? Fine. I'll pray for you. Be glad to. If prayer doesn't work, then take an aspirin. You've got leukemia? You want me to pray that GOD will heal you? Wait a minute! The doctor said you've got two weeks! Man, I feel sorry for you. That's terrible." Well, now, is it hard for GOD to heal leukemia? Is that a tough one for GOD? What am I doing? I'm carrying man's limitations over to GOD.

Is any thing too hard for the LORD?

genesis 18:14 kjv

He said, "Is any thing too hard for the LORD?" We need to remember that when we pray. We need to pray with the consciousness that there is nothing too hard for GOD. You can even go one step further; there is nothing hard for GOD. Take out that word "too". There is just nothing hard for GOD.

- Chuck Smith