The historical record shows us the fate of the apostles -

Philip: Stoned to death in Phrygia, A.D. 54

Barnabas: Burned to death in Cyprus, A.D. 64

Peter: Crucified in Rome, A.D. 69

Paul: Beheaded in Rome, A.D. 69

Andrew: Crucified in Achaia, A.D. 70

Matthew: Beheaded in Ethiopia, A.D. 70

Luke: Hanged in Greece, A.D. 93

Thomas: Speared to death in Calamino, A.D. 70

Mark: Dragged to death in Alexandria, A.D. 64

James: Clubbed to death in Jerusalem, A.D. 63

John: Abandoned on the Isle of Patmos in A.D. 63

None of them recanted. They all died believing and stating that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, who died for our sins.

"You can kill us, but you cannot do us any real harm." - Justin Martyr. Martyred A.D. 165