The Purpose of Prayer

Can you change God's mind? If you think about your prayers, does it sound like you're trying to persuade God to do something that He wouldn't normally do? If so, then perhaps things are not as they should be.

Take a moment and think about who God is. Among other things, He is perfect, omniscient, and omnipotent. Now let's look at what we bring to the picture. We're not perfect, all knowing, or all powerful. Not that I could, but I wouldn't want to change God's mind. Why? His will is perfect, mine isn't. Perfection is better than non-perfection, so His will is better than mine. He is all-knowing. He knows how to achieve perfection. I'm so flawed, I 'm not sure that I can properly recognize perfection. Do you see where I'm going here? If a three year old child gave me advice on how to do my job and budget my finances, I probably would follow their advice. The gulf between myself and God is quite a bit bigger than the gulf between me and a three year old.

So what should be the purpose of prayer? To express to God how we love Him, to thank Him for what He has down in our lives, to ask forgiveness, and to ask that our will be conformed to His.